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Tired of the High Costs Involved with Employing In-House Staff? Put Money Back in Your Pocket with a Remote Bookkeeping Service That Offers Highly Qualified Bookkeepers That Can Save You Thousands

Need a bookkeeper that never gets sick, doesn’t job hop, won’t need managing and will never ask for annual leave?

Then you just may have stumbled upon the right bookkeeper for your business!

BOSS offers businesses a remote bookkeeping service called


How Your Business Benefits With the FREEDOM SERVICE:

  • Bookkeepers that can follow your procedures
  • No sick leave, public holidays, annual leave, or any other leave to worry about!
  • You only get charged a fixed fee for each remote bookkeeping job so you’ll know what the costs are before the job starts (No budget overruns!)
  • The same bookkeepers assigned to you so they get to know you and your systems
  • Direct contact with your bookkeeper via Skype and Email
  • With the remote bookkeeping freedom service, BOSS covers all your training needs
  • Secure IT systems!
  • No “startup” fees or any other expensive hidden fees…..ever!
  • Most software packages supported by BOSS (Remote bookkeeping staff are trained on the software you use)
  • A team that can be scaled up or down within a week to help with those peaks and troughs in your workload
  • Typical turnaround for jobs is a week (routine weekly tasks eg. payroll can have a 24 hr turnaround)
  • An Account Manager who will attend monthly client service meetings to ensure your remote bookkeeping expectations are met
  • All bookkeepers are put through a month’s induction program on joining, six months on-the-job training and continual monthly tax training sessions
  • All remote bookkeeping work is reviewed by a senior member of staff before being handed back to you

So what’s the fine print?

You need to commit to a minimum of fifty hours remote bookkeeping work per month. (If you need more hours per month they’ll be charged at same rate!)

No more fine print, nothing else, that’s it!

To arrange a FREE trial or to find out more book a telephone chat with us NOW!

The Remote Bookkeeping Freedom Service You Can Save Time, Money and Headaches With

Imagine having all your work done and knowing exactly how much it’s going to cost you. By having a fixed fee for all jobs means you know exactly how much you are spending. Don’t be left in the lurch with extra costs, eliminate write-offs now!

Have all your remote bookkeeping needs met when it suits you and save yourself the burden of hefty overtime, annual and sick leave costs.

Never pay your bookkeeper for sitting around when there is not enough work.

Take the pain out of hiring the right staff, we take care of all recruitment and HR needs. (All staff are professionals with years of experience and vetted carefully by us)

Utilising this service gives you the unique position of having a dependable, highly qualified expert at your fingertips who behaves like a member of your team (with the added protection of an Account Manager who oversees everything)!

To arrange a FREE trial or to find out more book a telephone chat with us NOW!

Concerned About Remote Bookkeeping IT Security Issues? No Need!

All remote bookkeeping work is done from our office (no working from home).

Remote bookkeeping work can be done online, in the cloud or offline.

Offline: files are uploaded by you to our web server and we then import it into our system.

Online: work can also be done online on your server. It’s your choice.

BOSS is a Practicing Entity Member of the CAANZ and a Registered Tax Agent. BOSS Managing Director, Peter Vickers, (owner of Peter Vickers and Associates based in Lindfield NSW) oversees Australian, Indian and New Zealand remote bookkeeping operations. To ensure your security we operate in line with the recommendations of the TPB, CAANZ, IPA and APESB.

Remote Bookkeeping Software We Use

include MYOB, Xero, Reckon, QuickBooks, BankLink etc. (all standard Australian packages covered)

BOSS (Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd) is Australia’s premium remote bookkeeping provider supplying well-trained high-quality accountants and bookkeepers. To discuss your needs and how we can help, Book a Consultation NOW!

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