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Warning about Use of Dropbox and similar providers

Dropbox made headlines for its security concerns (refer to the links at the bottom). In light of this, it is crucial to understand the importance of not using the same password for multiple websites.

If you are considering outsourcing your services, it might interest you to know that BOSS boasts a secure web server equipped with an advanced Intruder Detection System. This system actively blocks access from any IP address that does not match your office’s designated IP address. Additionally, we have implemented a stringent lockout system that automatically locks out any individual after five consecutive failed login attempts. This measure effectively prevents unauthorised attempts by automated bots.

Considering these security measures, it begs the question: How robust is the security infrastructure of other outsourcing providers? Furthermore, do they provide Professional Indemnity Insurance to safeguard against potential worst-case scenarios? It is essential to carefully scrutinise these aspects when selecting an outsourcing partner.

Some tips on password security: Must Read Tips on Cloud and Server Security

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