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What Accounting Work Can I Outsource?

We often talk to clients that seem stuck at what jobs can be given to BOSS. The answer is everything can be given to BOSS. Whether it is super fund accounting work, complicated tax work, assistance with tax planning any – we can do it.

For the slow seasons we can do this work:

  •   Preparation of Interim accounts, say up to December or March.
  •   Working out Minimum/ Maximum pension/ Contribution for the current year (this should be done before 30th June)
  •   BAS – which are currently done in-house – can be given to us.

For regular work there are a few things you might consider and these are listed below.

Preparation Time

As a general guide you will need to be very organised if you are sending jobs of 3 hours or less. We do plenty of jobs that are this small for clients but they have got used to being well organised. If you find preparation of jobs an issue then consider:

Training an Administrator to do this work

It’s easy. One week’s training to someone like a receptionist will reduce chargeable time spent doing the preparation work. If you are a client and need help, email us for a Client Services Assistant job spec and we can resend checklists the CSA should be using. Once experienced the Assistant will be able to identify missing data and then call the client immediately.

Get all the client data before sending us the job

This saves time and hassle going back and forth between BOSS and your client. Clients of ours that have changed their habits always comment on what a big difference this makes.

Billable time

If you don’t have an Administrator that can help we recommend you still do the maths for a typical job. It may change your perception of what you should send BOSS…
As an example, let’s assume your charge out rate is $200 per hour and you quote your client for 10 hours of work (excluding Partner level review):

10 hours @200/hour = $2,000
Typical profit is a third of the charge out rate.
PROFIT = $660

Your “outsourcing specific” preparation time is 30mins.
Cost to prepare job $100 (lost billable time).
10 hours @30/hour = $300
Total cost = $400
Charge out 10 hours @ $200 = $2,000
PROFIT = $1,600

Do you still want to do work in-house and deliberately rob yourself of the opportunity of such an easy way to increase profit?


Messy clients

If you are just looking to send clean, easy jobs then you are missing out on leveraging our expert accountants.
Our highly trained accountants can work out through queries and give you some options for a solution.  They can also draft queries ready for your Practice to send on to the client.

Reducing queries

Again, many queries can be eliminated by getting good data upfront. Discipline and structure are what is needed. Notify clients in good time to get data in early and give the client a checklist to help them. If you don’t have a “client ready” checklist contact us and we’ll give you one.

Organise yourself and your clients. Look at these important dates and send out communications to your clients so they are ready in good time.

No Kick-Start Fees, No Exit fees and No Hidden Fees….. Ever!

Want to dip your toes into outsourced accounting but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars just to get you started?

BOSS gives accounting firms the opportunity to bring an experienced virtual accountant on board without any of the usual fees a lot of outsourcing companies charge. Who wants to pay $2000 just to get started and then find out you’re not happy with the service? No refunds and your 2K is down the drain!

With BOSS, you can be up and running with a new accountant within a week, you’ll never be charged any starter fees or exit fees and there are no other fine print hidden fees either.

And as a new client, you get 10 free hours to test out the water as well!

If you like the sound of that, book a call to learn more!

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