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20 Minutes Total Time Increases Referrals. BOSS Online Bookkeeping Succeeded With Similar Offer

Although most websites are happy to tell you that social media is the best way to make new leads for your business, they are seldom likely to talk about which kinds of businesses benefit the most from using social media to attract new clients. Well, unless you’re an extremely rare exemption you’ve no doubt found (if you’ve paid attention to how your leads are coming through the door) that social media for accounting firms ain’t going to cut it if you’re serious about growing your firm. Unless you’re happy to wait around for decades to bring in new clients!  Read More

NSW Audit Uncovers 50% of Businesses are Failing. Time for an Online Bookkeeping Service?

From a recent Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) audit of 626 businesses in some parts of Australia, which included towns in the mid-western regions such as Coonabarabran, Gloucester, Dubbo, Narrabri, Wellington, Moree and Gunnedah and from the mid-north coast, Taree and Port Macquarie, a shocking 48% have failed to comply in full with workplace laws. Twenty-three percent were found to be non-compliant throughout the mid-western region, whilst in the mid-north coast area twenty five percent of businesses showed poor bookkeeping practices  Read More

Tired of Painful HR Issues With In-House Staff? BOSS’ Online Bookkeeping Service Rids the Worry

A lot of companies have had enough with the whole recruitment process and are looking for ways to simplify or completely remove every stage involved with HR and its many ongoing requirements. BOSS is seeing a big move towards online bookkeeping services amongst every size of businesses. This week Seek announced they would be giving employers the opportunity to mask the names of candidates as they search through their site. They call this the Hide Names tool which they feel will offer hirers a chance to choose a group of talent for their shortlists before knowing what background candidates come from.  Read More

Online Bookkeeping Vs Traditional Bookkeeping Services For Small Business: What are the costs?

The majority of business owners take care of their bookkeeping needs independently and require accuracy in order to keep up with the ever-growing economy. Small businesses have a few options for bookkeeping services to suit their particular needs. Rates will vary depending on your choices but it’s essential to understand the needs of your business to decide on which services work the best for you. Below are three types of available bookkeeping choices including  Read More

5 Tips to Look For In Your Remote Bookkeeping Provider

If you’ve made the decision to move forward with using an outsourcing provider as an addition to your in-house staff, (or for those that want to use an outsourcing provider for all their accounting/ bookkeeping needs (rather than hire any in-house at all), then as far as hiring a remote bookkeeper is concerned, there are some things you now need to consider to make sure your provider ticks all the boxes for your business needs.   Read More

7 Benefits of Workflow Management Systems

Don’t have your workflow procedures documented? Well you should. It’s something that can reap big rewards for your firm for the rest of its active life and takes very little effort to implement. We’ve talked a couple of times before about workflow systems. We keep adding to the subject because we really do think it’s that important for your firm’s growth.  Read More

5 Reasons to Use Remote Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

A good outsourcing provider will have all the remote bookkeeping work reviewed before it goes back to the client. This takes out the frustrations of having to oversee work that their remote employees are doing. If you’re looking for a service that ticks all the boxes in this article as well as offer you a lot more, have a look at our newest Freedom Service offer that removes all the worries for accounting firms saving you time, money and major headaches of employing in-house staff.  Read More

Are Your Remote Bookkeeping Costs Setting You Back Annually?

BOSS is one of the oldest remote bookkeeping companies in Australia today and can offer businesses a service where bookkeepers follow our client’s own procedures and have direct contact with bookkeepers via skype and email. All jobs can be performed on a fixed fee basis keeping monthly costs down for businesses where bookkeeping is concerned.   Read More

Outsourcing Accounting Work Provides a Better Work/Life Balance

The American Psychological Association did an online poll back in 2011 in which only 57% of the polled workers felt satisfied that their company was allowing for a balanced work/life ratio. Outsourcing accounting work allows you to fix this balance, and this can have significant benefits for your business’ bottom line.  Read More

Outsourced Accounting Services Mesh Well With the Cloud

Some people are interested in the savings offered by outsourced accounting services but they hesitate because they keep receiving bad information regarding the cloud. Today we thought we’d go through some of the most common misconceptions regarding working via the cloud.  Read More

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