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Are You Hurting Your Business with Your Blog?

Having a blog on your business website is crucial for establishing yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry. By offering advice, tips, and answers to common questions, you position your firm as the go-to resource for valuable information. This can ultimately lead to increased conversions and attract potential clients to your accounting services.

However, it’s important to note that a poorly designed blog can have detrimental effects on your business. It may hinder your website’s ability to convert visitors into customers. Let’s explore some common mistakes that can harm your firm and discuss effective strategies for rectifying them.

Don’t promote if you don’t have the goods to back it up

It is important to prioritise the success of your firm rather than solely focusing on your blog. While creating an impressive and successful blog can be beneficial, neglecting your firm can lead to potential customers being disappointed when they discover that your business does not live up to the promises made on your blog. Think of your blog as the welcome mat, but it is your firm that truly represents your brand and services. To maximise the effectiveness of any marketing, such as blogging, ensure that you are promoting something valuable and worth the investment.

You don’t have a homepage

It is crucial for website owners to understand that an attractive homepage with easy navigation is essential in providing a positive user experience for visitors. By neglecting to have a well-designed homepage and instead displaying only a blog as the first thing people see, it can create a misconception that the website is not associated with a thriving accounting firm. Rather, it conveys the impression of an individual simply expressing their opinions to the world. Moreover, having a blog as the forefront element of a website can lead to confusion for visitors who are looking for quick and easy access to important information such as pricing, packages, and the firm’s history. The presence of a blog upfront may make visitors believe that they must navigate through numerous blog posts in order to find the desired information, thus deterring their inclination to do so. To address this issue, the solution lies in creating an attractive homepage that prominently displays links to the blog as well as all other relevant information about the firm. This approach ensures that visitors are able to easily access the blog if desired, while also conveniently finding other pertinent details about the accounting firm.

You’re shy about selling

It has been previously discussed the importance of using your social media and blog as a means of building connections and providing valuable advice and tips to establish yourself as an authority. However, this does not mean that promoting your firm on these platforms should be completely avoided.

There is nothing objectionable about mentioning a special deal on one of your services. Including case studies in your blog posts can effectively demonstrate how you have successfully assisted businesses in resolving specific problems. Additionally, do not hesitate to include links to packages that you mention in your blogs.

Your blog looks like something separate from your main website

It creates an unprofessional and inexpensive impression when visitors click on a link to your blog and are redirected to a different blogging site. The situation becomes even worse if the two sites have different aesthetic designs. It is especially detrimental when your post is featured on a blogging site that also displays links to unrelated blogs, leading potential clients away from your firm.

To ensure a cohesive online presence, it is important that your blog is seamlessly integrated into your main website, rather than being a separate entity. If you initially began blogging on a free platform and later developed a proper website for your firm, make sure to transfer your previous posts to the integrated blog.

You’ve got too much going on

To create a more user-friendly experience, it is important to keep your blog and website simple. Consider what your visitors are seeking and determine the easiest way to provide them with access to that information. For your blog, this may involve organising links by sub-headings such as Payroll, Bookkeeping, Audits, etc., so that when they click on a specific topic, they are presented with the relevant posts. A clutter-free aesthetic is also crucial – overwhelming visual elements on a single page can be tiresome for your visitors.


If you’re looking to assess the effectiveness of your blog and website, there are three approaches you can take.

Firstly, put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Consider what information and links they would be most interested in accessing immediately, and let your blog’s design revolve around that.

Secondly, analyse your numbers. How is your website performing? You can utilise Google Analytics to track the growth of your visitor count. Additionally, evaluate if you are generating conversions into paying clients by reviewing your bottom line.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for feedback. Consult with your existing clients on their opinions regarding your blog. Inquire about what aspects they believe you have excelled at and what they perceive may be lacking. It’s important to determine if they were able to easily find posts relevant to their interests.

Keep in mind that everything is an experiment. You have the ability to make changes as needed until you achieve blogging success. Don’t fret if your blog isn’t attracting substantial numbers just yet; a few tweaks might be all it takes!

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